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Policies and Rental Requirements



Upon arrival at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and have received your baggage, please call us for a shuttle pickup. 

  • If you arrive in Terminal 1, follow the signs to Rental Car Center. Once you enter the Rental Car Center follow the signs for Off Site Rental Car and County Bus #7 , proceed to the left, go up the escalator and walk outside to Bus Stop 7.
  • If you arrive in terminals 2, 3 or 4 follow the signs for the Rental Car Center and Rental Car Shuttle outside to board the shuttle. The shuttle will take you to the Rental Car Center. Once you exit the shuttle walk to the right to Bus Stop #7 and wait for the America’s Best/Sunshine Rent A Car Shuttle for a short ride (5-7 mins) to our Fort Lauderdale location.

Remember to call us at 954-467-8100 or 954-533-7073 when you arrive for more shuttle information and to minimize your wait time.If you arrive in Miami International Airport and have received your baggage, please call 305-871-1100 for our shuttle.

Confirmation Number
Your confirmation number is the number that you are given once your reservation has been confirmed. This number is used to guarantee your reservation for the specific dates and times.

Cancellations and No Show
It is our policy to hold reservations for two hours (one hour during peak periods) beyond the scheduled arrival time. If your arrival is delayed beyond that time, we will make every effort to honor the reservation. Any adjustments or changes to the reservation may result in a change of rate.  If you experience a delay, please contact the rental location.

Americas Best Car Rental/Sunshine Rent A Car does not accept pre-payment for confirmed reservations, and you are not committed to make the associated rental (except for specialty vehicles guaranteed with a credit card). Likewise, these type of reservations do not compel you to establish a rental contract with Americas Best Car Rental/Sunshine Rent A Car, nor will you receive any penalty or charge if this transaction does not occur. Therefore, these type of reservations are not intended to provide you with any legal or contractual right to compel Americas Best Car Rental/Sunshine Rent A Car, or any related affiliate, to establish a rental contract and/or transaction.

Making a Reservation
The maximum rental length is 30 days, while the minimum rental charge is 1 Day. Rates are calculated based on a 24 hour clock cycle, once the rental has gone past the 24 hour period, overtime charges or another day will be applied.

MULTIPLE/DUPLICATE RESERVATIONS - If you require multiple vehicles for the same or overlapping time periods, please contact our reservation office. Any duplicate reservations will automatically cancel.


1. Valid drivers license and credit card must be in the same name.
2. Credit card must have available funds of estimated amount of rental charges plus USD$100.00 or a minimum of $250.00, whichever is greater.
3. At time of rental, the credit card funds must be available as a line of credit against rental charges.
NOTE - All required available funds will be captured as an "Authorizion Hold" at time of rental. On return of vehicle the charges will apply against the "hold" and any difference will be released to your credit line. 
Payment at car return
Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard, and cash always accepted as payment upon return.

Debit Cards
In order to use a Debit Card as a method of payment at Time of Rental the following policy must be met -
1. Debit Card must have an American Express, Visa, Master Card or Discover logo.
2. Debit Card and Driver’s License must be in same name.
3. Renters must present a return airline ticket/confirmation - actual or electronic ticket in renters name - OR If you do not present a return airline ticket/confirmation the customer may not be allowed to rent unless they provide a major credit card in their own name.
4. Debit Card must have available funds to be taken as a deposit at time of rental in the amount of rental charges plus USD$500.00.
Rental on a DEBIT CARD is limited to vehicle classes Economy, Compact, Midsize, Full-size, SUV and Minivan only. Upon return of the vehicle unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor. Due to your Banks processing standards for Debit Card transactions it can take up to 5-7 business days for a credit to appear on your account. America's Best will not be responsible for any returned checks or insufficient fund charges or bank fees related to this process.
NOTE - Our debit card policy complies with all applicable U.S. federal and State Laws.

Prepaid Visa/MasterCard/Amex cards are NOT accepted as a form of payment. CASH RENTALS
In order to rent with a CASH DEPOSIT as opposed to major credit card, the following conditions must be met
1. Have a reservation - Available on rental of vehicle class Economy thru Full Size only.
2. Present a current valid Passport from a country other than the United States.
3. Present a valid International License along with a current valid license from same country as passport.
4. Present a return airline itinerary with confirmation of return travel date. Vehicle must be returned prior to return date and time of departure as stated on flight confirmation itinerary.
5. In U.S. currency, leave a Cash Deposit of USD$500.00 plus estimated amount of rental charges.
6. A U.S. Contact Phone Number - an operating phone to be contacted in case of emergency while the vehicle is on rent.
7. Unused funds will be mailed back to customer within 2 weeks after car return.
8. No additional drivers except spouse or domestic partners are allowed on Rental Agreement secured with a Cash Deposit.

Based on your individual requirements, you may want to purchase some or all of America's Best optional protection products. Your car rental agent will be happy to discuss the details. Here is some information to help you do your homework. There are some types of coverage that you can purchase at the rental car counter. Many of these may be covered with your personal auto insurance coverage.

In the sections that follow, we provide you with brief explanations of our coverage products offered.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
When you select our Collision Damage Waiver options, you are contractually waiving or limiting your personal responsibility to Americas Best Car Rental for damage to our rental car. CDW is not insurance. There is a deductible on this coverage starting at $1000.00.

Deductible Damage Waiver (DDW)
DDW is not insurance. When you select our Deductible Damage Waiver option, you are covering your deductible on your automobile insurance. Cost of DDW varies by amount of your deductible.
Some Gold or Platinum level credit cards offer this protection when using their card to rent the vehicle

Loss of Use Waiver (LOU)
LOU is not insurance. When you select our Loss of Waiver, you avoid having to continue paying for the vehicle while is sits in the shop waiting for repairs caused while in your possession.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)
Protection for claims made against you. Provides you and authorized drivers with liability protection for claims made against you by others for bodily injury or death and/or property damage from the use or operation of the rental car.
SLI provides a substantially higher level than the state minimum limits, up to $1,000,000.00, of "combined single limits." Now that's security with peace of mind!

DECLINING COVERAGE: In order to decline any of Americas Best's Coverages renters must show Proof of FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE that will transfer to the rental vehicle and be presented at the time of pick up. Otherwise renters must purchase collision coverage and supplemental liability insurance at the rental counter. Policies should be issued in North America and policies from outside the U.S.A., Canada or its territories is not acceptable. Local/Florida resident renters must show acceptable proof of auto liability and physical damage insurance coverage from a nationally recognized insurance company. Collision Damage Waiver(CDW) cannot be sold to Local/Florida renters. Acceptable proof of insurance must include the name of the insurer and the policy number. If a customer cannot provide acceptable proof of insurance the customer will be required to purchase our coverage in order to rent our vehicle.
Some credit cards may offer Rental Car Collision Benefits, however Credit Cards DO NOT offer liability for third party claims. Please check with your credit card provider for coverages and limits.

Minimum Age for renters and drivers is 21. Renters and drivers under the age of 25 are subject to an underage charge of USD$15.00 per day.
Underage renters must provide proof of automobile coverage in their name. We will not rent to any underage driver without proof of liability insurance. 

Geographic Restrictions
Travel outside of Florida is prohibited. If renter violate this restriction, renter will be charged a fee equal to an additional $0.25 cents per mile for all miles driven in and out of the State of Florida. 

Florida Residents

Florida residents are allowed 150 free miles per day 1050 free miles per week thereafter .25 per mile. Travel outside of Florida is prohibited. If renter violate this restriction, renter will be charged a fee equal to an additional $0.25 cents per mile for all miles driven in and out of the State of Florida.